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Services Include:

  • Custom/Collision Repair
  • Unibody Laser Technology
  • State of the Art European Paint
  • Import/Sports Car Specialist
  • Certified Technicians
  • Customer Service Guarantee
  • Towing & Courtesy Cars


Paint and Body Labor $60.00 per hr
Foreign Car Labor $60.00 per hr
Frame Straightening $65.00 per hr
Mechanical Labor $85.00 per hr
Paint Materials $36.00 per hr
Inside Storage $30.00 per day
Outside Storage $20.00 per day
Towing $50.00 minimum

Standard Collision Repair Payment Policy

This Standard Collision Repair Payment Policy is necessary because of (1) Delays in securing payment from insurance companies where personal injury, liability, or possible legal action are involved. (2) To comply with mechanics lien laws, and (3) To insure an understanding on the part of our customers concerning responsibility for payment.


A. This vehicle is being repaired for YOU as OWNER. You are responsible for payment for repairs. If you do not intend to pay the bill with your check or other form of payment please make certain you have insurance company releases signed and returned to the proper insurance company, so they can deliver their check to you in time to get your vehicle.

B. If a lienholder is named on the insurance company check, you must make arrangements to secure the lienholder’s endorsement.

C. In the event your insurance company makes a supplemental allowance for items not included in their initial settlement check, you may be required to supply your check or other form of payment for the additional amount and obtain reimbursement from the paying insurance company.

D. In addition to the amount of damage paid for by the insurance company you are responsible for payment of the deductible in the amount dictated by your insurance policy.

E. BEFORE the vehicle will be released to you, all repair bills must be paid by either your check or other form of payment or insurance company check OR you must have proper insurance company releases.

F. We require a certified check for repair bills over $1500.00.

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